Emission Testing Services



Olson Ecologic is the premier independent emission testing laboratory in California. The test facility is designed and personnel is available to help engineering and administrative customer needs. The facility complies with strictly controlled environmental standards and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) test requirements.


Our emissions testing capability  includes use of standard and alternative fuels. These fuels include gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, CNG, LNG, Propane, H2 and dual fuel. All official testing follows CARB and Federal Test Procedures (FTP). Client-specified special tasks can be conducted as well.


Manyof the largest DPF suppliers in the world have used the California laboratory for CARB testing requirements and ultimate verification approval to market their products for engine retrofit.

Our Services Include...

Personalized Consultation to assist clients with EPA and CARB requirements

Emission and performance testing to satisfy EPA and CARB requirements

Marine engines with Marpol and Icomia testing

Durability Testing, both laboratory and on road

CARB Executive Order testing; Chassis dynamometer for vehicles and engine dynos for H-D engines

Mileage accumulation

R&D to help with product development & product evaluation to prove effectiveness

5-mode, 8-mode, 13-mode & all other Steady-State Testing Protocols

EPA Transient Cycle engine testing (50-500hp) for all heavy duty on-road vehicles

NRTC testing for off-road vehicles

PEM's Testing (Portable Emission Measurement)

Complete Chemical Analysis of Hydrocarbons & other toxic emissions

The test equipment at Olson EcoLogic makes it a full service laboratory. We test various automobiles, including light and medium duty trucks, motorcycles and ATV’s.  

Transient, Steady State, CVS78, CVS74, HFET, New York, Japan 10 and 11, IM240 and ECE15/60 are just a few of test cycles performed at the laboratory. Gaseous emissions from testing are generally measured for hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), Methane (CH4), particulate matter (PM) and brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) 


Olson Ecologic also has an extensive inventory of heavy-duty diesel engines available for client use at our facility. These engines have been used for CARB DPF Verification Programs and Executive Orders and their baseline emissions are well documented