Motorcycle • ATV • UTV • SORE



Olson Ecologic is EPA and CARB recognized and can provide the high quality emission testing services needed to sell your vehicles or devices in the U.S. 


The company provides the following testing services for motorcycles/scooters, off-highway recreational vehicles/ATVs, UTVs, Go-Karts as well as Small Spark Ignition Engines for off-road use (SORE) testing



US EPA and CARB (California) Certification Testing

·    Exhaust emissions testing with HC, CO, NOx, CO2 and NMHC (CH4) emission measurements and fuel economy

·    Evaporative emissions (SHED) testing


      Service accumulation (durability)   conducted in accordance with 40 CFR       Part  86.426-78


Aftermarket Device Executive Order Testing (CARB E.O. Testing)

Confirmatory Testing

Production Line Testing (PLT)

Product Development/Proof Testing/R&D Testing 


All major driving cycles can be conducted

Single track and multi track vehicles

Gasoline, Diesel or Alternative Fuels