Marine Diesel and

Outboard Engine Testing



Testing Services

Marpol Marine Test Cycles

RCD (Recreational Craft Directive) Testing

NTE (Not to Exceed) Test Cycles

ISO 8178 Cycles - E2-3-4-5, D-1-2, etc.

Icomia Testing

Diesel Engine Testing up to 1000hp.

Outboard Testing up to 400hp.


Olson EcoLogic's Marine Engine Testing capabilities cover a wide variety of engine applications. We are an experienced lab dealing with many marine testing auditing bodies such as Lloyd's of London, to witness our Marpol and RCD Testing.


We can also help manufactures who are looking for an "independent lab" to help with R&D and product development. Our Clients can be assured complete and secure project discretion.


As with all of our testing, we like to work closely with our clients, and give the client the reassurance that their project is given the care and time they deserve.