olsonfrontOur Facility

Benefits of Olson EcoLogic

  • Low Overal Cost of Product Testing and Certification
  • Fast Turn-Around Schedules Bring Products to Market More Quickly
  • Specific Testing Knowledge and Know-How
  • No Capital Requirements Associated with Establishing or Expanding In-House Testing Facilities
  • High Degree of Crediblity Associated with Utilising Our Independent Testing Laboratory
  • Expert Constulting Services for Product Design
  • Equiped to Work on Various After-Market Products and New Technologies
  • Can Accomodate an Extensive Spectrum of Engines
  • All Testing Follows CARB, CAP 2000, and Federal Testing Procedures (FTP)

Available Services

  • OEM and After-Market Tesitng
  • CARB Executive Order and EPA Certification Testing
  • Milage Accumlation and On & Off Highway Durability
  • Product Development and Product Evaluation
  • Consulting, Research and Development