heavydutyHeavy Duty Testing

  • Engine Testing available up to 2,000 HP
  • Steady-State Transient Testing
  • Client-Specific Testing for Optimizing & Proofing Products
  • NRTC (Non-Road Transient Cycles) for Off-Road Vehicles
  • CARB Specified Durability Cycles for Degreening
  • DPFs and Catalytic Converter Testing
  • Extensive Inventory of HD Engines for Verification Projects
  • Alternitive Fuel Testing Options, Including Natural Gas, Bio-Diesel, LNG, Propane, and Hydrogen
  • Powered Generators Testing Using Electric Load Banks
  • ISO-8178 Test Cycles Including 5/6/8/13 Mode Test Protocols
  • All Testing Conducted in Accordance with CFR 1065 Protocol
  • Euro VI (6) Standard Testing, 10-15 Mode, JC08 Cycle